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I finally outed myself as a lactivist looking at all the markers that identify me as a lactivist with a good does of humor.  Think you're a lactivist too?  Not sure?  See if the label fits you. Oh My Gosh... I'm a LACTIVIST!

My Response To All The Stupid Comments I've Never Received- The Leaky B@@b responds with what she'd like to say and what she'd probably say to all the stupid comments about breastfeeding she's never personally received.

Guilt: The Great Conversation Killer- Is guilt really helpful when it comes to the breastmilk vs. formula debate?

Breast is Best?  Breast is Normal?- Should we watch our language? 

Holy Crap- The funnier side of poop.

Telling The Good Stories- Breastfeeding in public sometimes gets a lot of bad press and can make it seem like every time a woman feeds her baby at her breast anywhere other than locked in her house or in a bathroom stall a news crew shows up.  This post reminds us to report the positive experiences too.

A Little Let-Down- TLB has a heart-to-heart chat with "the girls."

DIY Breastpads- Just what it says, do-it-yourself breastpads of the reusable sort.

Miracle Grow For Boobs- Yep, you read that right.

The Measure of Indecency- The post that started it all.
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