Children's Breastfeeding Art Project Gallery

Watercolor, Helena, age 7

"Perspectives: Breastfeeding Through Children's Eyes" is a children's art project to show how normal and beautiful breastfeeding is through the eyes of children.  An on-going project, we welcome submissions any time.  The initial project was for World Breastfeeding Week 2010 but due to increase interest the deadline for submissions has been extended to December 9, 2010.  Of the pieces submitted by that time one will be selected to be printed by Paper Mama as note cards and available for sale to benefit the Best For Babes Foundation.  We are honored to have two talented artists, Katie M. Bergrren and Kate Hansen, assisting us in selecting the submission to become the card.  Additional details and submission guidelines can be found here but artwork will continue to be accepted and shared here in our gallery on an on-going basis beyond the deadline for the Card Benefit for Best for Babes.

Block crayon, Helena, age 7

Crayon and colored pencil, Shallanee, age 6.
Unknown medium, Eve, age 10.
Marker, Abria, age 4
Block crayon, Helena, age7.
Block Crayon, Lavinia, age 9.
Mixed media, Aiden, age 4.

Color Pencil, Daisha, age 11.
Crayon and pencil, Nina, age 5.

Colored Pencil, Katelyn, age 8.

Crayon, Olivia, age 7.
Crayon, Liam, age 3.5.

Ryan, age 3.

Marker and Watercolor crayons Avery, age 9

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