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The Leaky B@@b is the personal blog of Jessica Martin-Weber.  I blog primarily about breastfeeding related issues with occasional posts on other parenting topics or personal posts.  After much time and consideration following being approached by potential advertisers I have decided to offer Sponsorship spots to businesses, artists, sellers, breastfeeding advocates, and anyone else that seems like a good fit for The Leaky Boob.  This decision will hopefully allow me to contribute to my family financially while continuing to do something I enjoy so much.  Breastfeeding and parenting related sponsors are most welcome but while I love breastfeeding it isn't all there is to me nor is it all there is to any of my readers so I gladly accept sponsorship proposals from individuals for other products not related to breastfeeding as long as they follow the WHO code of marketing breastmilk substitutes.  We love to help connect our readers with creative, innovative, beautiful and helpful resources and goods.  It is also our desire to encourage breastfeeding moms and anyone that supports breastfeeding through partnering with sponsors with these same values.  Each sponsorship submission will be carefully selected to ensure a good fit with the values, mission, and tone of The Leaky B@@b.  As I value supporting Work-At-Home-Parents, quality handmade items, small businesses, and anyone that encourages and supports breastfeeding, I am willing to consider flexible arrangements including trades or partial trades for Sponsorship.  At this time Giveaways are currently only available for active sponsors only.

Why advertise on The Leaky B@@b
  • Averaging around 13,000 page views per month and growing
  • Average time on site 1:29 minutes
  • Over 3,500 fans on a very active Facebook page with over 6,100 average weekly visits and over 3,980 weekly wall posts interactions
  • Facebook page growing at am average rate of 480 new fans each month
  • Exploring developing Twitter audience as well
  • Over 300 members and growing on The Leaky B@@b discussion forum
  • Each sponsor will receive mentions in text of posts, tags and links on Facebook and Twitter throughout the month Opportunity for sale/discount codes exclusively for The Leaky B@@b community
  • Giveaways are available for active sponsors
  • Affordable monthly advertising rates

TLB Press
  • The Leaky B@@b was listed at #26 in the list of the Top 50 Best Breastfeeding Resources Online at The Stir.
  • The Leaky B@@b has been linked to and shared on Facebook by Mothering Magazine and Kellymom along with other publications, bloggers and other organizations.

Product Reviews
I am available and willing to review items, please note that my readers expect openness and honesty and I will give them no less.

Potential parties interested in Sponsorship information at The Leaky B@@b, should send me an email with a link to your shop/class/services/website/book/art/goods.  As I must limit my time on the computer in order to care for my family there may be a bit of a wait but I assure you I will respond.  If it has been a bit and you are concerned I didn't see your original email please don't hesitate to try me again.  I appreciate your patience and thank you for your interest and support!

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