About Me

The Leaky B@@b is an online "pub" where we can "let it all hang out."  Honestly supporting any and all amounts of breastfeeding and those that support breastfeeding with a splash of humor.  Shaken, stirred, on the rocks or frozen, no matter how it is served up it's the real deal with personal stories and experiences.  Striving to be a safe place, The Leaky B@@b has a no-tomatoes policy, tomato-throwing will get you bounced faster than you say "bash." 

Guest posts are a favorite feature, please e-mail theleakyboob {@} theleakyboob {dot} com to make a submission.

TLB is also proud to host a forum for ongoing discussion.

We are also looking forward to what is hopefully the not-too-distant launch of our website as a source of information, support and community.

Believe it or not, while I support and encourage breastfeeding, I do actually care and think about other things and sometimes I even write about them here.  Primarily, of course, that usually is my family.  Check out this introduction of sorts with some pictures and explanations of their nicknames here.

Thanks for coming by, hope you enjoyed your time here.  Please come again soon.

The Leaky B@@b

*Please note that the e-mail address requires removing the brackets, spaces and using a period to replace {dot}.
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