Sunday, August 1, 2010

World Breastfeeding Week "Perspectives: Breastfeeding from Every Angle"

Happy World Breastfeeding Week 2010! The Leaky B@@b has a fun and busy week planned, you're not going to want to miss any of this. Give-aways, guests posts, children's art contest, blog carnival, and hopefully, fingers-crossed, the real launch of It's going to be loud and crazy or it would if this was an actual breastfeeding pub. You'll have to go dance on your own counter though.

Today, our "Perspectives: Breastfeeding From Every Angle" blog carnival participants spread across the globe.

White Woman Breastfeeding- In the minority as a European woman living in Africa, Mamapoekie shares her perspective nursing her 2 year old daughter in a culture where breastfeeding is normal but not expected for her personally. Mamapoekie is an expat striving to parent her daughter as authentically as possible and writes to encourage others to consider what authentic parenting would look like for them.

Nursing on the Outside- *Pop* goes the baby! A humorous look at breastfeeding from the perspective of a mom with a distracted nursling. Missa writes at Twice Is Nice and is a stay-at-home single mom of two ages 6 years old and 6 months living in Ontario, Canada who enjoys writing, being outdoors, playing with her children, crafts, cooking and plans to go back to school to finish her nursing degree.

Breastfeeding Through Surgery- Ticia shares the difficult decisions she faced to breastfeed in the face of heart surgery for herself. Staying at home with her 2 little ones, Ticia cooks, blogs and embraces natural parenting choices as much as possible.

Our Nursing Saga- Not every baby and mother pair have a great start to their breastfeeding relationship and face several obstacles. Some have an ongoing struggle, one worth taking on. Setting the stage for 2 more posts for this week's carnival from Dou-la-la, we take a look back at a piece she shared for WBW last year.

I hope you enjoy these thoughtful posts, gaining new understanding as you glimpse bresstfeeding from these different perspectives. Return later today for a guest post and my own thoughts on breastfeeding perspectives.

Happy Leaking!

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