Sunday, March 28, 2010

Make Over- blog make-up?

So we're new, very, very new. But we need a make-over. Because we're boring. Not the content, no, we are, after all, a breastfeeding pub. What could be boring about a breastfeeding pub? Nothing. Obviously. Except the look of our blog. These walls are bare, our sign doesn't flash and the tables are super blah. There aren't even any table clothes for gosh sakes! Oh yeah, we are a pub, table clothes are optional. But we still need a make-over. Extreme style.

So I want to win this!


  1. yay! another breastfeeding mommy :)

    shuttling in from SITS :)

  2. Hi Chferi! Sorry, my keyboard is on thfe fritz righft now. Getting fixed tomorrow. Welcome to Thfe Leaky Boob! We several breastfeeding mommies, well, at thfe moment thfere are two of us but we are planning to hfave one more partner in crime and a hfost of guest breastfeeding mommy bloggers. Check back often for the fun! We'll be doing our first give away on Tuesday! Thanks for thfe comment!

  3. I accedentaly found you on facebook. Happy blogging (oh I'm on SITS too)


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