Sunday, March 28, 2010

An intro and a short adventure in accidental breast feeding education.

My name's Jessi and you'll probably see me around quite a bit as a regular contributor for The Leaky Boob.  The world needs more laughter and smiles when it comes to boobs and the babies who claim them for months or even years at a time as their own personal all-you-can-eat buffet.  You can find me over at Talk Less, Dance More usually, although, lately I've been slacking majorly in the blog department.  Forgive me, I've got a lot on my plate these days.  Stop by and read one day if you're bored or curious what life in China is like for the American mother of a 2 year old expecting twins.

Living in China and being the natural/crunchy mama that I am, I find a lot of impromptu moments to educate young women here about breastfeeding, natural parenting and birth.  A week or two ago I was having a conversation about the impending birth of our twins and the adventures in breastfeeding that I am sure we'll encounter with a 20something year old Chinese girl friend.  A very strange look came over her face and she asked,"Oh my gosh!  How will you breast feed TWO babies at the same time?!"

I looked down at my chest, pointed to one boob, then the other and counted to two.  I looked up, gave her a wink and a grin and said, "With my two boobs...?"

She immediately dissolved into a fit of laughter and then hugged me and said, "You are so wise... and brave, and I think maybe a little crazy.  Good thing it is not 3 babies!"


  1. ROFLMAO! I'm so glad you shared this here! And I'm glad we'll be blogging together, wish we could share a pint in person but after the Pandas make their appearance we'll have to do it over skype.

    Oh dear, 3 babies, whatever would one do! Maybe Total Recall was onto something. Since you're having a boy and a girl, are you going to paint one boob blue and one pink? ;)

    Hmmmmm, should I do an intro. post too?

  2. Hopefully, one of these days we can orchestrate a visit stateside or Franceside and have a pint!

    I actually read the blogs of two awesome ladies who exclusively breastfeed triplets and it is such an inspiration.

    And yes! We need an intro!

  3. Jessi, you should share the links to the BFing triplet moms!!

  4. That is awesome! Do you do the diaper-free Chinese split-bottom pants thing with your oldest? I'm so fascinated by Chinese potty training theory!


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